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Wyoming Reverse Phone Lookup

Reverse phone lookup is the process of searching and retrieving information about the person registered to an unknown number. Persons procuring new phone numbers provide identification and other personal details before receiving their new numbers. This information is stored in user account directories retained by the service provider. Reverse phone lookup or phone number search services query carrier user directories and return information on the numbers submitted for searching. A reverse phone search is useful for answering the question “who called me?” when you receive a call from an unknown number.

What are Wyoming Phone Numbers?

Wyoming phone numbers are the sequence of numeric digits assigned to telephone service users in the state. Telephone user preferences have shifted towards wireless and internet-based services over the last 20 years. A 2018 survey conducted by the National Center of Health Statistics estimated only 3.2% of Wyoming households still used landlines solely as their preferred telephony service. In comparison, 69.5% of Wyoming households used only wireless services as their preferred telephony service. These figures give a clear indication that user preferences in Wyoming were increasingly shifting away from landlines and towards wireless phone services.

Wyoming has decent network coverage and all the four major carriers are represented in the state. Verizon provides the widest coverage with a network that covers 80.6% of the state. AT&T and T-Mobile have 54.6% and 52.3% coverage respectively. Sprint has the least coverage with only 2% of the state covered by its network. Sprint has roaming agreements with the other carriers to supplement its services in the state.

Internet-based telephony services have experienced a significant rise in usage in recent years. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an internet-based telephony service that has seen user subscriptions rise significantly in recent years. VoIP phone services have seen an increase in demand for business and personal use. User subscriptions rose by 245%, from 34.2 million to over 118 million, between 2010 and 2018.

Can I Search a Phone Number and Find Out Who it Is?

Yes. Subscribers must provide identification and other user details for the user account directories during the process of acquiring phone numbers. This information is retrievable using phone number lookup applications. Phone number lookup applications can perform phone number lookup by name, address, or other available information to reveal complete profiles of phone users. Consequently, anyone who has access to reverse phone search tools has the means to answer the question “who is this number registered to?”

For calls received from suspicious phone numbers, lookup tools that can carry out phone number lookups free or at a cost are readily available. Nevertheless one should note there are tools capable of changing phone numbers that appear to recipients, making it difficult to accurately identify callers. To stop receiving robocalls, residents should consider adding their phone numbers to the national Do Not Call Registry as well as Wyoming's Do Not Call List.

Is there a Free Way to Lookup Someone’s Phone Number?

Yes, there are free tools available that identify the registrants of unknown phone numbers. However, a phone number lookup free tool only provides basic information about the subject of a search. Phone number search tools that provide more comprehensive results will charge a fee to use. Information retrieved by these tools can include locations, social media accounts, and even public records of phone subscribers. Nonetheless, free reverse phone lookup services can be used for preliminary searches before switching to paid services for more substantive results.

What are Phone Lookup Services?

Phone lookup services are online applications that search and provide information about the registrants of unknown phone numbers. Such applications are increasingly useful and popular following rapid growth in phone services and subscriber numbers. Caller ID is a phone lookup service that enables the identification of an incoming caller before you answer the phone. This has proven very useful in identifying and rejecting spam calls and provides an added layer of security for phone users. However, Caller ID is not foolproof and can be tricked. Persons trying to hide their identities can use certain tools to cause Caller ID to display different user information. These tools have proven quite popular with scammers as they provide a means to avoid detection.

Yes. Residents of Wyoming can identify strangers calling them with unrecognized phone numbers by using reverse phone lookup services. Using and providing phone number lookup search is legal in the state even though there are no definite Wyoming laws discussing the legality of the tool. Reverse phone lookup is legal in Wyoming as long as it is used for its intended purposes. It is illegal to use the finder tool in Wyoming with the intention of stealing money, information, and other valuables. In addition to defrauding others, it is illegal to use reverse lookup to harass or harm others.

Wyoming also demands that those using and providing phone number lookup searches do use while obeying privacy laws. This means that they may not use the lookup services to spy on others or to reveal confidential information without the consent of the law or the individual discussed in the confidential records. Legitimate reverse phone lookup providers follow the letter of state and federal privacy laws by only serving information extracted from records held in the public domain.

A Wyoming reverse phone lookup search can be used to find the name of an unknown caller. This piece of information is sourced from carrier records provided when registering new phone numbers. In addition to the full name of the unknown caller, a free phone number lookup search can also provide the following details:

  • Address
  • Age
  • Gender

Since these details are extracted from carrier databases containing records submitted when phone users were registering their phone numbers, they may no longer be accurate. For up-to-date biodata of unknown callers, consider signing up for a reverse phone lookup paid service. Paid services can find information from more sources than free lookup services. They can check public directories, business listings, social media posts, and criminal justice records.

Paid phone number lookup searches can find current names and addresses of identified callers as well as recent photos. They can also find criminal and arrest records where available. These details are needed when determining whether to trust unknown callers or not. They can be used to discover and report phone scammers and stalkers.

What is a VoIP Number?

A VoIP number is a virtual phone number assigned to a subscriber, and not a physical device, and used to facilitate internet telephony. A telephone call is basically the transfer of data and the medium of transfer for VoIP calls is the internet. Using the internet, instead of copper wires and radio waves, ensures VoIP services can route calls along the most efficient paths available. This makes VoIP calls more efficient, cost-effective, and less restrictive than other telephone services. In addition, a single VoIP number can be assigned to multiple devices and utilized on the devices simultaneously.

These features have made VoIP popular among all types of users including scammers. Because VoIP numbers are not attached to physical equipment, it is difficult to verify where a VoIP call is originating or the address of a VoIP caller. Anyone using a VoIP number can choose to hide their locations. VoIP services provide users with the ability to hide or change their numbers rendering lookup services less effective for identifying callers using them. Consequently, a scammer using a VoIP number can call from anywhere in the world and have it register as a local call to the recipient. VoIP numbers can also be altered to appear as familiar numbers, such as the phone numbers of local law enforcement. As a result, VoIP numbers are proving very popular with phone scammers.

All of these features of VoIP services necessitate extra caution when responding to unsolicited calls. There is a possibility that a call from a familiar-looking number could be from a scam caller using a VoIP number. Information on the prevalence of VoIP scams and blocking unwanted calls is available on the FTC website to aid the public.

What is a Wyoming Phone Number Area Code?

Area codes are the sequence of three digits in telephone numbers that identify geographic regions designated by the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). The NANP was devised as part of the effort to ease the process of making long-distance phone calls while accounting for an increasing population. It provided solutions to all these problems and was introduced in 1947 by the Bell System and AT&T.

Area codes facilitate the routing of phone calls by specifying where calls go to and where they originate from. Currently, the NANP is under the purview of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) which appoints the NANP Administrator. The NANP Administrator allocates numbering resources created by the NANP, where and when required. Numbering resources allocated to states are implemented and managed by the regulatory authority in the state. The state's Public Service Commission is responsible for administering Wyoming area codes.

What is a Wyoming Phone Number Prefix Code?

A phone number prefix code identifies a more exact location for a phone number, typically a district or a neighborhood within the state. It is the sequence of three digits that follow the area code in the phone number. For the telephone number (307) 777-6397, 307 is the area code and 777 is the prefix code. If the international country code is used such as +1 (307) 777-6397, +1 indicates the country code, 307 indicates the area code, and 777 indicates the prefix code.